I was featured in an article on ArchitectNews.com. Below is an excerpt and you can read the full article here: architectnews.com/family-driven-design.

 Amidst the rolling hills and open views of Iowa sits a craftsman style house that is a treasure box of family heirlooms.

The owners, a young couple with a son and daughter, chose this style because it suits their passion for farming and artistry. Because the design of their home takes advantage of its sweeping views and topography, they feel constantly connected to the land.

The site brings out the beauty of the surrounding deciduous trees and is oriented for prevailing breezes. Guests gaze upon the home’s exterior as they drive up a flowing S-shaped driveway. Inside, the home is a prime example of family-driven design. The home includes a family hobby area and nooks for heirlooms.

The clients wanted a “forever home” that would showcase their family history. Coming to architect John Hrivnak’s drawing table with a DIY attitude, the family felt excited to make the house their own, but they needed some guidance. They sat with John while he produced pencil sketches of what each room would look like.

“We have immediate feedback,” he says. “I don’t run away and fire up the computer. All of this is done in real-time. As wonderful as computers are, they don’t have a soul. A pencil, a pen, a brush — those things have souls.”

Read the full article at ArchitectNews.com