Our Architectural practice is about you - and like a priceless gem, you have many facets. It is our desire to get to know you, your needs and bring together all of the elements that go into creating memorable, responsive Architecture. You have aesthetic tastes. You have financial parameters. You have various functional needs. You have a unique site or existing structure. Bringing all of that together is much like composing a symphony - there are lots of instruments that, if brought together well, create emotional responses. Goethe says, "Architecture is frozen music". We endeavor to bring all of the facets from sculpture, form and structure to energy conservation and function into an alignment that is "just right" for your unique needs. 

We are not designing for awards from other architects (although we have some). We are not designing for ourselves (although in process of designing our next home). We won't live in your home or building - you will. Thus, part of our philosophy is to set aside our ego (architects have those - they went into a profession that creates monuments to themselves) - which comes with maturity - and focusing on you and your needs.

We are arguably better positioned to respond to the many inputs as we solve simultaneous equations that encompass site, finance, real estate, psychology, architecture, engineering, interiors, light, sound, energy, maintenance, views, and construction technologies.

My particular background is more Renaissance man than singularly an Architect-geek (although that's one facet). In addition to being a licensed professional Architect, I am LEED certified (conscious of energy saving and sustainability), have an MBA in finance (sensitive to budgets and able to help with creative financing solutions), worked as a licensed realtor (aware of ways to leverage more value and positioning of your assets), serve as an Adjunct Professor (in both business and architecture programs and thus intellectually stimulated by fresh ideas and always bringing the joy of learning to the process, welcoming all stakeholders including kids in the process), former Pastor for a large retirement community (helping me gain more insights into our specialty of design for aging-in-place, universal design and design for special needs/care facilities), former professional singer (sensitive to acoustics as well as the importance of "theme", "transitions/blending" and "harmony/repetition in translating those things into architecture.

John Hrivnak


Project Management:
Program Management, sometimes referred to as an Owner’s Representative, provides you with a seasoned expert on your side of the table. You benefit from early planning services including developing Strategic Plans, creating Architectural Programs and helping to structure Real Estate search/negotiation as well as Financing. You have an opportunity to experience a project done with clarity, focus, ease and grace. 

  • Example:
    Assisting a rural hospital with structuring their financing - able to increase their debt capacity from $1.5M to $8M. Structural engineering second opinions on this project also saved another $2M.

All architects are trained to create good design - I know - I am also an adjunct professor of architecture. How each differs is somewhat related to their God-given talent and much more due to the design process they follow. Our design process differs in a number of ways, among them a process that is inclusive and participative. We endeavor to include representation from all stakeholders - importantly - including end users of the space. 

  • Example:
    For a residential project, we include input from a contractor and an interior designer early in the process when they can contribute the most. We also include children both for their input and to expose them to professional fields in which they may find interest.  For a commercial project, we meet with departments or committees to gain input during the program phase and solicit critique and feedback during early design. 

Business Development:
For other architects and for Owners, we provide consulting to help create selection processes and presentations/responses. 

  • Example:
    Out of the box thinking to help an A/E firm win a project outside of their expertise

You get our assistance with financing and connections to a number of financing avenues. We help position your project, improve  your pro-forma, or write your grant applications. The MBA in finance and a nationwide network help. 

  • Example:
    Writing successful grant applications in competitive cycles that included architectural evaluation, design, developing financials, and authoring applications.
  • Example:
    Structuring a concept to provide covering currency and timing risks for a $1B healthcare project in Saudi Arabia
  • Example:
    Creation of cash management approach that resulted in an incremental $3M in the first year of implementation for an A/E firm
  • Example:
    Helping homeowners gain financial leverage when getting bank loans
  • Example:
    Finding equity partners for a client’s large mixed use development

“Green Building” Experience:
You benefit from years of experience in designing sustainable solutions. We approach this differently (must be my finance background kicking in) as we look at not only environmentally considerate solutions but also - importantly - solutions with a positive ROI (return on investment). 

  • Example:
    Passive solar design to reduce energy at little cost. Some learned academically, others by observing cost effective approaches of Amish and Mennonites where I grew up in northern Ohio.
  • Example:
    Alternative energy solution to get an entire University campus off the grid - with 100% financing. 

We assist you with structuring a team that is appropriate to your project. The type of team members necessary for a high end residential project are different from those needed for a multi-million dollar commercial project. Uniquely, we include end users on the team. In some instances, we employ Teaming Agreements. 

  • Example:
    Founder and initiator of “The Critical Access Group”, a consortium of strategic alliance partners structured to serve a specific market niche within a specific geography for a specified time.  Obtained input from industry leaders in formation of the group.
  • Example
    Structured development team for retirement facility in Wisconsin that included property condition survey, market and financial feasibility studies, A/E services and design/build delivery.

Our practice is about you - specializing in Architecture that combines our love of design and our love of people - thus our specialization in Architecture with Heart. We have been in business since 1991 and have worked with clients in over 40 states as well as internationally.

You might be our kind of client if... if it would be OK with you if the process was incremental and you maintain full control, if it would be OK with you if the process was participative with you involved as a key design team member, if it would be OK with you if you surrounded yourself with experienced, trusted advice to help avoid costly construction over-runs. You might be our kind of client if you are both analytical and emotional - you maintain awareness of the realities of time and money while paying attention to creating the emotions you want to feel in each space. You might be our kind of client if you wish to live in your home or building for years to come and want to be able to age-in-place or are simply compassionate enough to want to create (usually covert) universal design so that all can experience your home with ease.

When you want a complicated process with a host of challenges to be a process whose hallmarks are those of being able to experience this adventure with clarity, focus, ease and grace - you have found your Architect.