​THE PROBLEM is that when you buy a piece of land of significant size and with diverse geological or other natural features, you may not be 100% certain where to site the structures.

Or, you may not be aware of all the challenges that the site may pose.

You may not even know who to talk with about these issues or how much these extra challenges are going to cost!

Just as you would not expect your doctor to prescribe medication for you without first diagnosing your illness, likewise it is very risky to begin a design project without first establishing your project’s unique objectives and parameters. It is for this reason that we have developed Walk Your Land with an Architect, a necessary first step to establishing the basis of your project.

Walk Your Land with an Architect will lead to:

Better decisions and greater certainty,

Reduced risk and lower costs; and, most important,

We will take the stress away and increase your peace of mind.

Neglecting this step can lead to you making poorly informed decisions which in turn can put you at risk of the following:

  • Failing to make optimal use of your land
  • Failing to take best advantage of the views and vistas that will add value to your property
  • The project being over time
  • The project being over budget
  • Settling for a design you don’t like

Neglecting to get the right consultants involved from the beginning, significantly adding to the cost when you bring them in late in the project and possibly requiring certain aspects of the project to be redone.

This service is designed for residential or commercial sites of 3+ acres. This is not for suburban residential sites or, with commercial enterprises, for dense urban settings.

That’s because, for larger sites, there are often many options and our aim is to help you sort through them. As one example, while a business located along an interstate highway will have visibility, will yours be optimized for people going by at 60 miles per hour? There may be two good ways to handle this and our expert input will help you determine which is better.

Our Promise

Walk Your Land with an Architect is a solution to address all of these factors and many more that most people never think of until it’s too late. You can take advantage of this service either before or after purchasing land.

Walk Your Land with an Architect provide the valuable insights that you can use to make the best decisions and that you can then take to any architect to pursue your next steps.

Walk Your Land with an Architect is a structured process:

We will conduct advanced research from public sources.

Together, we will spend a full day actually walking the land with you, considering the natural features and resources, identifying any pitfalls, and discussing your priorities.

We will provide expertise on the best locations, cost drivers and savers, and, for commercial sites, revenue enhancers.

We will help you avoid costly mistakes.

We will consider zoning, applicable regulations, utility, water and sewer service requirements and any associated unusual costs as well.

We will go beyond the functional requirements to determine how this site can delight you and your visitors.

You will receive a series of overlay maps that analyze the site and recommend the optimal placement of your house or business.

You will receive a written brief that includes any findings and considerations.

We will make recommendations based on your needs and wants, lifestyle and site.

The Outcome

You will receive a set of maps and valuable report that you can use to get accurate pricing from us or from any other architect!

Your ‘insurance policy’ to get things right upfront will cost no more than $2,500 but can easily save tens of thousands of dollars and reduce time delays by eliminating false assumptions.

No surgical operation should ever start without a doctor’s thorough diagnosis and your project should never start without taking this first step. By getting this upfront ‘diagnosis’ done you reduce your project risk and receive a superior design outcome.